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2022 Region IV Year End High Point Program

Region 4 Year End High Point Awards were earned based on top 2 scores in each eligible class/division from competitions held within the region that are either AVA recognized or use AVA approved judges AND are promoted at least one month prior to the competition on CompWeb.

Competitions that qualified for awards were listed on the AVA Region 4 Website.

For 2022 this included:

  • Texas FunFest & Expo, March, Texas

  • Wintergreen, April, Fort Lupton, Colorado

  • Region IV Championships, June, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Heart of the Rockies, June, Loveland, Colorado

  • Region IV Octoberfest, October, Castle Rock, Colorado

  • Vault N Texas, November, Dripping Springs, Texas

Clubs/organizations planning to host a competition that they would like included in future high point awards, should send information including date and location of the event to

The highpoint award winners were publicly posted on the AVA Region IV website and awarded at the awards celebration on November 19, 2022 7 PM - 8 PM at Fort Lupton High School.

A certificate, pin and decal were provided to all Top 5 winners and a Region IV Highpoint Drawstring bag was provided by the Region to the winners in each category.

Award rules and eligibility

  • A vaulter must compete and earn a score in the highpoint designated class in at least two competitions in the Region during that year. If no vaulter/team/Pas de deux competes in 2 competitions in that class/division this year, no award will be given in that category for the year.  The highest two scores will be used to calculate the winner.

  • Men's and women's individual classes will be awarded separately.

  • Pas de Deux must be same 2 individuals in all competitions where scores are to count.

  • Teams must include at least 4 of the same individuals in all competitions where scores are to count.

  • A Vaulter may only earn one highpoint in one individual level.

If a vaulter qualifies for more than one individual highpoint by vaulting at multiple levels, only the highest level will be awarded, and the next vaulter in the other categories will be awarded the highpoint for those categories.



These classes will be awarded year end awards (separate mens and womens award will be provided)

  • Tiny Tot (Vaulters must be 6 years old or younger at beginning of the year to be eligible)

  • Walk (all walk classes combined)

  • D Trot/Novice Trot (combined division)

  • Preliminary Trot

  • 1* Trot

  • D Canter

  • Preliminary Canter

  • 1* Copper

  • 1* Bronze

  • 2* Silver

  • 2* Gold/Young Vaulter

  • 3* Individual

  • Adult Masters – Novice** (no canter medals)

  • Adult Masters – Open**

**For Adult Masters highpoints – even if the class is combined into one adult masters class at an individual competition, the vaulters will be separated for the year end highpoint.



These classes will be awarded year end awards (same two vaulters must compete together for each competition where scores are earned):

  • Walk Pas de Deux

  • Preliminary Trot Pas de Deux

  • 1* Trot Pas de Deux

  • 1* Prelim Canter Pas de Deux

  • 2* Canter Pas de Deux

  • 3* Canter Pas de Deux



These classes will be awarded year end awards:

  • Walk Team

  • Preliminary Trot Team

  • 1* Trot 2-Phase Team

  • 1* Trot Team

  • Preliminary Canter 2 Phase Team

  • 2* Open Canter 2 Phase Team

  • Preliminary Canter Team

  • 1* C Team

  • 2* B Team

  • 3* A Team

* Only Team classes that include compulsories and freestyle will count for highpoint.

For a team to be considered a team, at least 4 of the vaulters must be the same in the 2 competitions whose scores will count (can include alternates who compete in compulsories)

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