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Competition Travel Grants

2023 Travel Grant Procedures


Region IV has allocated travel grants for the 2023 competition season. As

per the approved regionally sponsored competition schedule, the competitions eligible for grants are as follows:

     ● Region 4 Summerfest in Albuquerque, NM, June 2-4, 2023

     ● Region 4 Octoberfest in Castle Rock, CO, October 6-8, 2023

     ● Region 4 Vault N Texas in Dripping Springs, TX, November 11-12, 2023

The travel grant application, award, and processing procedures are listed below:

     1. Region 4 Clubs who are traveling with horses to one of the specified competitions may apply for a travel grant. To be eligible for the travel grant, a Region 4 Club must be in good standing with the Region and the AVA (e.g. must be current with AVA), and complete all their required volunteer units for the specific competition.

     2. Clubs may apply for only one travel grant during the 2023 competition season.

     3. Applications will be accepted for each competition as soon as entries open, and the cutoff date for applying will be the same as the close of entries for that specific competition.

     4. Grants information and web-based application will be found on the Region 4 website (application link below).

     5. The grant amount awarded per club traveling with horses will be determined based on the total miles traveled by all eligible applicants who have applied for a grant for a specific competition.

      6. The amount awarded will not exceed $.50 per mile.

      7. If a club does not meet the afore mentioned criteria for a grant or does not travel to a specific competition after applying for and being granted a travel grant, the monies that they were to have received will be divided between the other grant recipients. Any remaining funds will be kept in the Region 4 Treasury.

     8. If the allocated funds for a specific competition are not used, they will remain in the Region 4 treasury.

     9. Grant checks will be dispersed within 2 weeks after the competition provided all above criteria in item number 1 have been met.

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