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High Point

Award Program



Our new program to help raise funds for our region is up and running! Raffle tickets are being distributed to members that would like to be eligible for annual region 4 year-end awards. We are still missing information from quite a few clubs. If you could please talk with your vaulters and send me a list of names of participating vaulters in your club, I will be able to get you your ticket packets. 


Please remember, raffle tickets will be sold by any vaulter that wishes to be eligible for annual region 4 high point vaulter awards. Vaulters will be responsible for selling $50 worth of tickets which equates to ten raffle tickets. No need to be present to win one of three prizes. Prizes will be as follows; $500 Visa gift card, $250 Visa gift card, and $100 Visa gift card. Ticket stubs and money will be due at Octoberfest. VAULTERS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANNUAL REGION 4 HIGH POINT VAULTER AWARDS IF THEY HAVE NOT TURNED IN THEIR MONEY BY NOON ON SATURDAY OF OCTOBERFEST, and the drawing will take place on November 18th.

Please reach out to

and ask for tickets to be mailed to your club!!



Scores are from 2022 Vault N'Texas, Octoberfest, Heart of the Rockies, Region IV Championship, Wintergreen & Texas FunFest.

All winners received awards and the TOP 5 received certificates at the Region IV End of Year Awards Celebration on November 19, 2022 at Fort Lupton High School Room Commons/Cafeteria, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM. 


Points are calculated based on the average of the 2 highest scores earned in 2022 from Region IV competitions that are AVA or USEF, for any Region IV vaulter, pair or team that competed at least two times at Regional competitions. Please see the Awards Webpage for more information about the awards and how the points are calculated.

Listings below include the Final Point Standings for the top 5 vaulters/teams/pairs who have points from at least 2 competitions.

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