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Spirit of Vaulting Educational Symposium - Nov. 19-20. Register now pay by 11/7.

Region IV "Spirit of Vaulting" Registration due Nov. 7. Registration fee is only $150 for the entire weekend, including hands on lungeing for lungers and on horse vaulting for vaulters. Lots of fun activities as well as focused developmental skills practice.

This educational weekend symposium is November 19-20, in Fort Lupton & Johnstown, Colorado. The clinics are offered for vaulters, lungers, coaches and parents. Sessions are available for all vaulter levels. Beginner vaulters are encouraged to attend! Register now and pay by the deadline of November 7. More Information and registration link on our website; :


Clinicians: Todd Griffiths, World Championship coach & vaulter Kim Wellmann, World Championship lunger & coach Crystal Pakizer, AVA Vaulting Judge Autumn Mortgensen, Dance Instructor Additional sessions by gymnastics, artistic, acro, yoga and fitness experts. Awards Session: The first annual Region IV Awards Ceremony & Social Time will be on Saturday, November 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Fort Lupton High School. No Charge for attendance. RSVP on the website by November 14.

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