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Registration open for "Spirit of Vaulting" educational symposium in Colorado

REGISTER NOW FOR "Spirit of Vaulting" Educational Symposium to further your vaulting education with a focus on focus on fun and hands on learning. Clinicians include Todd Griffiths, Kimberley Wellmann, and Crystal Pakizer, & others! $150 per participant for full weekend. Register now and pay later (by 11/7)!

Todd Griffiths basing for Team USA Senior Squad at 2022 World Championships
Todd Griffiths on USA Senior Squad at 2022 World Championships

Vaulters sessions include barrel training exercises, strength and flexibility training (yoga, acro or similar disciplines), artistic development, scoring, gymnastics-style cross training in a full gymnastics gym, sports psychology, freestyle creation, and lots of fun for vaulters to meet each other! All levels are welcome!! ​

Coaches training includes learning drills that help and are fun, lesson planning, hands on work with judges and world championship coaches, and many other tips and tricks. All levels of coaches are welcome- those teaching beginning vaulters through those with who are interested in coaching up to the national and world championship levels.

Lunger training includes hands on training for all lungers of ALL levels (from brand

Kim Wellmann at World Equestrian Games
Kimberly Wellmann at World Equestrian Games

new to experienced who want to "touch up" their skills) with horses provided by the Symposium!! A specific focus on the physical and mental development of the horse will be stressed, and will include information and tips on cross-training. Some stalls available for lungers who would like to bring their own horses.

Parent Sessions will be included at no cost to parent/guardians who have at least one vaulter registered in the symposium.

Awards Session

The Weekend will also host the first annual Region IV Awards Ceremony. (Separate registration for the Awards)

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