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Region 4 Year End Final High Point rankings available now. RSVP for Awards Banquet. Top 5 awarded!

Region 4 Year End High Point Awards are earned based on top 2 scores in each eligible class/division from competitions held within the region. The final competition, Vault N'Texas, was held 11/5/2022. The point standings have been updated from this competition, and the final Top 5 names for every category, including individual male and female, pas de deux, and team classes. To be eligible the vaulter(s) must be members of AVA in Region IV, and must have competed in the class and earned scores at a minimum of two competitions in Region IV this year. Only the top 2 scores are used toward the award, and are averaged. Please check the point standings. If you believe a score is missing or inaccurate, you should contact asap and no later than November 13.

The First Annual Region IV Awards Celebration for our Year End High Point Awards will be held on Saturday, November 19 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Fort Lupton High School Room H110. RSVPs requested for refreshments. No charge for the event. Please RSVP by November 14, 2022 to website.

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