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Nominate a Region IV member for Sportsmanship of the Year!

Nominations for the new Year End AVA Region IV Sportsmanship of the Year award are due by November 10, midnight.

Modeled after the prestigious USEF Youth Sportsmanship award, Region IV began a similar program at the beginning of 2022. Region IV will be awarding ONE annual recipient of this award from a group of nominees selected by their peers. The winner of this award will be announced at the Region IV Vaulting Year End Awards Celebration on the evening of November 19th.

The purpose of this award is to give recognition to those of our members who embody the sportsmanship qualities as outlined on our website. The recipient may be a vaulter, volunteer, coach, lunger, or trainer. Additionally, the recipient must:

  • abide by the AVA Region IV Sportsman Pledge

  • demonstrate an ongoing commitment and dedication to the promotion of equestrian sport

  • serve as a positive role model for peers

  • exhibit characteristics that exemplify positive sportsmanship principles

YEAR-END RECOGNITION Sportsmanship recognition will be given at the end of the year to someone who has met the above criteria and not received recognition at any previous event. The winner will receive a Region IV embroidered jacket.

Nominate a Region IV member now who you believe deserves this recognition for outstanding sportsmanship!

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