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Get your entries ready for Region IV Championships!

Region IV Championships will be in lovely New Mexico at the Expo New Mexico Fairgrounds. The competition offers all AVA National and FunFest classes. We are also offering compulsories to the right as a stand alone developmental FunFest class for all levels of trot and canter vaulters. Regional champions will be awarded at the event, and vaulters may earn qualifications for Nationals and scores toward the new 2022 Region IV Regional High Point Awards!

We are also offering an Educational Clinic Track for Vaulters, Coaches, and Lungers which will take place Friday evening and Sunday all day, with some sessions concurrent with the competition, for just $30 per participant. Please register for the clinic via CompWeb. If the participant is not a vaulter competitor, they can register in the "Extra Items". Participants who are vaulter competitors can register as FunFest class #200.

Please see the Prize List for information about the Regional Championship and the Educational clinic track. Vaulters should enter through their club. If a vaulter is independent (not a member of a club), please contact for a link to the CompWeb entry system.

Entries and clinic registrations are due May 13.

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